About Sydney Boathouse

Sydney Boathouse is owned and operated by Rozelle Bay Pty Ltd, a private investment consortium. This phase of construction, the first dry boat storage building, is now complete and operational.

Sydney Boathouse will offer a comprehensive range of services and amenities catering to the needs of the boating enthusiast or just the casual visitor. This includes dry boat storage, on-water marina berths, engine servicing, boat repairs, fuel sales, boat sales and car parking. In the next phase of construction Sydney Boathouse will introduce a number of waterfront restaurants, a cafe, general store, showrooms, offices, as well as a chandlery.

Once fully constructed, Sydney Boathouse will comprise:

  • Two dry boat storage buildings with capacity for up to 670 boats
  • A two level waterfront retail and office building, accommodating a restaurant, cafe, general store, boat showrooms and offices
  • Marine related service workshops and associated hardstand
  • Multi-level car park
  • A wet berth marina, accommodating up to 36 boats in varying lengths

The investment is led by interests associated with Gerry Hatton AM, MARKHAM markham.com.au, Investec Bank (Australia) Limited investec.com.au and the Cobra Group cobraGroup.com.