Dry Berths (Dry Boat Storage)

Because of the huge advantages to owners of powered boats, dry storage is the fastest growing and most efficient means of storing boats in the world. It has been widely used throughout  Australia and the rest of the western world for the past 40 to 60 years.

Unlike wet berths, boats stored in dry storage require less maintenance and stay in better  condition over longer periods of time. This means greater overall enjoyment along with lower  maintenance costs, increased reliability, security and overall peace of mind regarding your prized  asset.

We can dry store power boats up to 11m in length and there are a number of licence terms  available. Enjoy all the benefits of dry boat storage and have your boat fuelled and ready to go on  arrival.

With a limited number of berths available now is the time to act.

To reserve a dry berth in the all new facility, please contact our Sales and Marketing Manager.

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